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Our Reviews & Testimonials


These testimonials came from the days when we were building our student apartment rental business into Auburn's top ranked Property Management company.  That company got too big to handle, and a decision was made to sell off all the apartments and rebuild a smaller, more managble operation.  The goal now is the same as it was when Badger first started all those years ago: to get back to the basics of good landlording, and keep our tenants happy.   I will be the first to admit, we got way from that for a while as the business grew too large and too quickly for our resources.


As we build up our home rental business, we will be replacing some of the older testimonials with newer ones.


Let our tenants tell you about their experience...


“Badger Properties has made my ‘Auburn Experience’ what it is because of its personable management and the quality of service they offer. The location of my apartment is perfect and being able to walk to class has omitted a great deal of stress due to the limited parking on Auburn’s campus. Being in a newly renovated complex, I feel like I have gotten a great deal by leasing here. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!”

-         Mollie K., former tenant, Junior in Elementary Ed.



Are you looking for somewhere to live in Auburn that guarantees a professional relationship between tenant and landlord? A place that is within walking distance of campus? A property that has a well-maintained building? After hours availability? Consider renting from Badger Properties. No, scratch that. Consider renting from Chris Kearns- the most considerate and helpful landlord in Auburn. He is someone who cares about all of his tenants, a person who wants to get to know you, not just a person who runs another rental company in Auburn. Give it a try; he’s always just a phone call away!

-        Mary P., former tenant, Senior in Early Childhood Education



I love living in Overlook! My home is in great condition and my neighbors are kind and quiet. One of my favorite things about where I live is being able to walk to class.  It’s nice to not have to fight for parking on campus, especially on game days. I also am really thankful for the way my landlord makes himself accessible to his tenants.  He is extremely friendly and helpful and works hard to create great living communities.

-          Abbey S., former tenant, Masters Student in Speech Pathology



Good landlords are hard to find, especially in a college town.  After a bad experience with a larger landlord, I started renting from Chris.  The unit was spotless and everything worked properly, which in my experience is rare.  He even helped me move in.

-       James W., former tenant, college graduate and full-time employee in Auburn



I have enjoyed living at Overlook, from the perfect location within walking distance to campus and the classic but modern layout of the apartment, but most of all I greatly appreciated how quiet Overlook is.  Quiet neighbors definitely sealed the deal when selecting an apartment for my graduate studies at Auburn.

-      Sarah B., former tenant, Doctoral Student in Audiology



Living at Center Court for the last three years has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The location is convenient for both downtown and on campus. Fellow tenants are always friendly. Chris is one of the best landlords a person could ever ask for. He is extremely helpful; listens to all of his tenants needs and really gets to know everyone living in his apartments. You could not ask for a better landlord. Center Court Apartments is a great place to live.

-      Gardner P., former tenant, Economics Major



I began my journey at Auburn University living under different management.  Never truly realizing how much easier this process of renting an apartment could and should be, that is until I met Chris Kearns.  He took over complete control of Center Court Apartments while I was living there as a freshman.  Chris managed to fix every and I mean every issue that the complex had; such as heating and cooling, carpet, ceiling fans, paint, wireless internet and the list goes on and on.  He managed to do this in one summer and that alone says worlds about his commitment to the needs of his tenants and to the community.  I would absolutely recommend Center Court Apartments to anyone that is serious about school and wanting to be surrounded by likewise neighbors. Anyone who loves convenience of location and high quality when it comes to the condition of property and of the maintenance team would love it here! Badger Properties takes care of you so that you can focus on school.

-      Jeremy R., former tenant, senior in Biomedical Sciences and Psychology



Center Court is a great place to stay. It is probably one of the most convenient apartment complexes as far as location.  It is here in the middle of everything. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that it is a noisy complex.  Actually, it’s quite the opposite. The landlord does an excellent job at selecting quiet, calm tenants. He’s pretty cool, too! He is very friendly, helpful, and never too busy for his tenants.

-      Laura S., former tenant, Health Services Administration



Chris is an excellent person to work with, he takes the time to get to know me as person not just a rent check, he does his best to bring in quality neighbors and keep the complex quiet , and he is easily contacted if there is ever a problem.

-         Daniel P., former tenant, Master’s student in Civil Engineering



I love living at the Overlook Condos.  The location is great and I am thankful I am within walking distance to campus on game days and when parking is slim.  The recent renovations are superb and I love coming back to a place I call home. I would recommend living at the Overlook Condos to anyone.

-      Rebecca B. former tenant, Doctoral student in Audiology



I strongly recommend Center Court Apartments. The location is prime for walking to class. The apartments are spacious and well-taken care of. Also, the staff is incredible. I couldn’t have asked for a better landlord—He is always available and really looks out for his residents.

-          Hannah H., former tenant, Polymer & Fiber Engineering



Convenient location that’s only an 8 minute walk to Haley and right next to downtown. There is street parking for guests and plenty of parking for tenants. Neighbors are quiet and friendly and Chris, the landlord, is always available when needed.

-          Ty H., former tenant, Finance



I’ve absolutely loved living at Center Court.  The complex is safe and well maintained, and the quiet neighbors allow for a peaceful living environment even in the heart of this busy college town.  Its central location means that I can get to downtown easily, but most importantly, I can walk to any of my classes in a matter of minutes without ever fighting for a parking spot.  But what is most unique to Badger Properties is the guarantee that a problem would be addressed regardless of the time of day.  I truly feel like Badger Properties has my best interest at heart.

-          Katie M., former tenant, Psychology



The Overlook is a great place for tenants to enjoy at all times of the year. During the warmer seasons we have access to the awesome deck where we can grill out or just sit up there and do some homework in the sunshine. In the colder seasons it is still a very convenient place to live because of its location and how quickly you can get to campus. Game days are the best and you can walk to the games and still hear the roar of the stadium from our upper deck! War Eagle!

-          Meg H., former tenant, Early Childhood Education



Badger Properties          151 N. College Street, Auburn, Alabama, 36830          (334) 821-3023